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Mr Skin Celebrity Nudity Web Site - So Good It Has Its Own Wikipedia Encyclopedia Entry

Mr Skin is a very popular website that specializes in locating posting instances of female nudity in television and film. Founded in August 1999, Mr Skin is also the nickname of Jim McBride, Mr Skin’s  Chief Executive Officer. The Mr Skin web site attracts more than seven million visitors every month who view and download from more than 180,000 examples in movies, TV shows, magazines, home videos, sex tapes, foreign cinema - and much more celebrity nudity featuring your favorite actresses, models, singers, pop stars and pornstars.

In 2007, the Mr Skin website was referenced in Judd Apatow's comedy, Knocked Up, which was discussed in a New York Times Business section feature which detailed Mr Skin's history, its prominence in Knocked Up, and the site's positive relationship with Hollywood companies as a marketing tool. In the article, interviewer Andrew Newman wrote that "The big movie studios not only tolerate Jim McBride / Mr Skin but also court him by sending advance screeners of DVD releases."

After an appearance on The Howard Stern Show in 2000, McBride / Mr Skin became a regular guest, producing a Mr Skin Minute that airs every Thursday as part of Stern's Sirius Satellite Radio program. Mr Skin also appears every other Wednesday on The Rude Awakening Show on WOCM. Other radio shows that have featured Mr Skin include Lex and Terry, Tom Leykis, The Adam Carolla Show, Loveline, Steve Dahl, Opie and Anthony, Kidd Chris, The Bob & Tom Show, The World Famous Frank Show, Todd and Tyler, The Regular Guys, The Jeff O'Neil Show and a weekly call in to the BS on Real Radio 104.1 in Orlando, Florida. He also appears on The Drew and Mike Show on WRIF radio in Detroit.

St. Martin's Press published the nudity guidebook Mr. Skin's Skincyclopedia: The A to Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked in 2005.
The Mr Skin Website Caters For Fans Of Naked Female Celebrities

Mr Skin / Jim McBride has made it his mission in life to discover how much naked female flesh appears in movies - an interest apparently shared by millions of people all over the world. To date,  Mr Skin / Jim McBride, and his dedicated staff  have chronicled the appearance of nude women in more than 180,000 movies, TV shows, magazines, home videos, sex tapes, foreign cinema - and much more celebrity nudity featuring your favorite actresses, models, singers, pop stars and pornstars . All this celebrity nudity is available for viewing and downloading on the Mr Skin website.

"Being Mr Skin and enjoying all this celebrity nudity is the greatest job in the world," said McBride. "As a kid I used to tape as many movies as I could with nudity and then I'd save the nude scenes on separate tapes. I really amazed my friends with my nudity knowledge growing up."

Some observers are of the opinion that the Internet and more explicit television programs featuring nudity and even explicit sex scenes are fostering a greater interest in bare celebrity  flesh, even if many people profess to be conservative. For example, a recent HBO drama "Tell Me You Love Me," contained at least half-a-dozen sex acts featuring both women and men in the nude, an unprecedented level of sexual frankness for a U.S. cable television show.

Says Mr Skin / Jim McBride : “We have eight to ten dedicated staffers who just go through movies - including foreign films which can sometimes be even more explicit - and television shows for nudity, female celebrity nudity only. We don't do male nudity. Mr Skin is a celebration of female nudity that only chronicles mainstream movies, not pornography. There's plenty of porn sites on the Internet. I never wanted to compete with them. We're celebrating nudity in mainstream film,featuring famous actresses and celebrities. The most prolific U.S. mainstream actress is Angelina Jolie, For an A-list actress, it's pretty incredible to be naked in 10 movies and still be in your early 30’s."
Mr Skin Reviews Movies Containing Celebrity Nudity Because Celebrity Sex Sells

In the movie “Knocked Up,” art imitates real life when the character played by Seth Rogen has a get rich quick scheme to start a website that features Hollywood nude scenes, but his plans are thwarted when he discovers that another site, Mr Skin, has beaten him to the punch. Mr. Skin  has a database of well over 180,000 revealing nude scenes from movies, TV shows, magazines, home videos, sex tapes, foreign cinema - and much more celebrity nudity featuring your favorite actresses, models, singers, pop stars and pornstars.

But “Knocked Up,” which had permission to feature the Mr Skin website, was not the first to notice it. Many millions of ordinary people were already fans of Mr Skin’s unique take on celebrity nudity.

“We don’t care about cinematography or great acting or anything like that,” said Mr Skin / Jim McBride, who favors the title chief sexecutive officer,  “We’re concerned about the nudity - who’s naked, what they show and what they do when they are naked.”

Jim McBride, a former futures trader, made celebrity nude scene compilations on VHS tapes as a hobby before starting the Mr Skin website in 1999. Given that Mr Skin provides unlimited online access to copyrighted material featuring naked celebrities and actreses without permission, you would think they would be mired in legal challenges. Mr Skin has found a loophole because it is promoted as a movie-review site - though one that assesses only celebrity nudity - so Mr Skin can claim that that the sexy clips can be shown under the fair-use doctrine, which permits excerpting copyrighted material for the purpose of criticism.

“The movie companies aren’t stupid,” Mr Skin / Jim McBride said. “I’m a guest on radio shows at least 300 times a year as the expert on celebrity nudity in film. If I’m on the radio talking about a movie and telling guys, ‘You’ve got to check it out: Salma Hayek has a full-frontal at the 33-minute mark,’ it’s going to make guys want to rent or buy the movie. There is  nothing untoward about selling a film solely on its nudity content. That’s why filmmakers all over the World, including the big Hollywood studios, put sex scenes in movies - because it sells. People have a problem with raw or open sexuality, but fo Mr Skin, it doesn’t have to be a demonized concept. This is normal; you’re not a freak for wanting to see a celebrity or famous film star naked.”

Mr Skin / Jim McBride bristles at suggestions that his site is cheap and nasty pornography, since it features PG- and R-rated movies as well as some NC-17 ones. That distinction helps it draw mainstream advertisers like film companies and National Lampoon. The site’s membership is 98.4 percent men; members spend an average of 13 minutes at the site per visit.

“I’m sure there are many men checking the site out for celebrity nudity only at work instead of worrying about their wife seeing them view naked actresses at home,” said Mr Skin. When we scan subscribers’ e-mail addresses we see the e-mail domains for governmental agencies and post-secondary schools. “But it is an R-rated site, not a porn site, so hopefully men aren’t too embarrassed to tell their wives.”
Celebrity Nudity At Its Very Best: View And Download From More Than 180,000 Examples In Movies, TV Shows, Magazines, Home Videos, Sex Tapes, Foreign Cinema - And Much More Celebrity Nudity - Featuring Your Favorite Actresses, Models, Singers, Pop Stars And Pornstars

Mr. Skin – aka Jim McBride – is the world’s foremost authority on celebrity nudity - actresses, models, singers, pop stars, porn actresses and much more. His website has been an online phenomenon since 1999, and it famously co-starred in the 2007 blockbuster comedy, Knocked Up. Mr Skin himself is one of the most in-demand guests on radio, appearing on hundreds of programs regularly, as well as a weekly feature on The Howard Stern Show. To date, Mr. Skin has authored three best-selling books, and he has been profiled by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, VH1, E!, and the BBC. Mr Skin lives and works in Chicago with a real-life Mrs Skin and their three children.

Mr Skin is definitely not a gay porn site. I thought that's what it was when I first saw the name. Rather, Mr Skin is a guy who has collected female nude scenes from PG and R-rated movies for years. It is something we have all thought about doing, but have never done. Now we don't have to, because he has made his huge collection available to us.

Ever wondered how many movies well known actresses such as Eva Mendes has been in where you can see her tits and ass? How about Angelina Jolie or Nastassja Kinski? Well, Mr Skin can tell you and show you video clips or still frames from each and every scene. There are more than 180,000 examples available so far - and the numbers are growing every day! Not only is that a huge amount of female celebrity flesh on display for your pleasure, but it also keeps on growing with daily updates.

Mr Skin is a huge website with tons of sections and information on celebrity nudity. However, a re-design not only looks great, but also makes the site easier to use. There are areas for updates, movies you can rent and blogs they've produced. You'll use the alphabet bar at the top of the page the most, because under each letter are hundreds or thousands of stars and all of their raunchy content.

The videos, especially the recent ones, have improved in quality. You can stream the flicks in Flash and also download them as Windows Media and MP4 files. There are a few options available, but you best bet is to go for the high-def MP4s.

Mr Skin’s celebrity nudity search feature is also pretty handy, especially if you have a favorite star you want to research for nude and sex scene appearances. Using the actress category, you can search by body characteristics - such as hair color, breast size, skin color and body type - to find exactly what you are looking for.

Not only do you get naked video clips, but you also get a biography of the actress and a short synopsis of the film. Other features include news and celebrity information, as well as information about what films are in the theaters and what new DVDs have celebrity and actress nudity. Members can also chat on the message boards and ask Mr Skin questions about movies and naked actresses.

The Mr Skin celebrity nudity website has been mentioned everywhere from major Hollywood movies to news broadcasts and considering its huge database and easy-to-use design, its fame is well earned. The hottest place to be in Hollywood isn't at a premiere, but at Mr Skin with all the stars' sexiest nude and sex action scenes. Mr Skin has the most complete celebrity, actress, model, singer, pop star and porn actress on screen sex and nudity collection you'll find online.